September 2014, Albee's N.Y. Gyros, The Cloud, Cosmic Closeup: The Rosetta Mission, Breakfast Salad

A Taste of New York in Eugene

Whether you enjoy the occasional hot dog, or you dine on gyros regularly, then do not miss out on Albee's N.Y. Gyros. Albert "Albee" Brahimaj, a New York native, opened the New York style restaurant after running his award winning food cart, Albee's N.Y. Hot Dogs for a couple years. You can still catch the cart weekend late nights on the corner of Broadway and Olive. Albee's N.Y. Gyros is located near the corner of 11th and Lawrence (391 West 11th Ave) in Eugene. After going there just a few times I knew I wanted to feature them in the Beard Chewer, and as a Connecticut native who has spent many nights in NYC, I can attest to the authenticity of the food at Albee's. You can check out their menu right now at Albee and his employees are super cool, you're sure to be greeted with a smile and leave satisfied. Enjoy!. - Keith Fox

Shining Light on "The Cloud"

The Cloud is a convenient way to store documents and information. It is fast easy to save things to the Cloud, and it's secure. To put it simply, the Cloud is just another word for the internet. You can store massive amounts of data on the Cloud by using a Cloud storage application, like Google Drive. When you save your documents to the Cloud as opposed to your hard drive, you can access them from anywhere where you can access the Cloud/internet. It's still a good idea to save important files on your hard drive as you may need them when you aren't connected to the internet, but it's also wise to save them in the Cloud for added security. You never know when your hard drive might crash. If you share a Cloud account, you can save a file in the Cloud and your coworker can access it immediately from a different location. So it's kind of like email, but it's a folder, and when you save things to that folder they will be available anywhere you can log into your Cloud account. Pretty neat right? To the Cloud!

Cosmic Closeup: A Milestone In Space Exploration

For the first time in history, a spacecraft from Earth has rendezvoused with a comet! The European Space Administration's spacecraft Rosetta has reached it's target, comet Churyumov- Gerasimenko. The image to the right is one of the several photos taken by Rosetta as it orbited the comet in mid to late August from about 60-100 kilometers away. Rosetta will take more photos as it closes in on the comet, and in November it will launch a small probe called Philae to land on the surface! That will mark yet another milestone in space exploration: the first ever cometary landing! Churyumov-Gerasimenko is headed for the inner solar system, so Philae will be able to study the comet while it is steadily warmed by the sun. The comet's perihelion (closest approach to the sun) will occur in August of next year. The comet has already provided some surprises- It is far lumpier that was expected, and also considerably warmer. I am excited to see what Philae discovers on the surface.

Breakfast Salad

This is my favorite way to have my eggs on a warm summer morning. It's tangy and delicious, light and easy, and has plenty of protein and nutrients to help you enjoy a full, active summer day!

    • 1. Start by heating a high heat oil (coconut, safflower, butter) in a cast iron or non-stick pan, on medium heat.
    • Rubber spatula
    • 2. While the pan heats up, put down a bed of salad greens on the plates you are using to serve.
    • 3. Use a form to spread out a few dollops of sauerkraut over the greens.
    • 4. The pan should be hot enough, so crack desired number of eggs into it. You want them to cook until the the whites are mostly done, but still a little gooey around the yoke, and then flip them. The gooey yoke will blend with the sauerkraut to create a dressing. If you don't like uncooked yoke, you can drizzle some olive oil over everything at the end.
    • 5. While cooking your eggs, slice half to a whole avocado and lay over your salad.
    • 6. If you want you yokes raw, you will need to take the eggs off the heat only a few seconds after flipping.

    • -Trillium Starchild