Renee Jackson, McKenzie Disposal LLC

At our office we have only 2 computers. A few years back we had a virus infect the bosses computer and needed someone fast to get it back up and running quickly. We called Tony from the phone book and he came out to our office in Waterville right away and had it working in no time. He was very professional and courteous. Not long after we needed our other computer worked on. We have had to upgrade both systems and we have been hooked and will not take our business anywhere else.

Troy Boozer

You guys help fix my laptop so I didn't have to buy a new, which I couldn't afford at the time. Helped save my college career. Thanks.

Simon Thaler

I have had Computer Guru come to my home office on a couple of occasions. They've always been punctual and professional. I highly recommend their services.

Diana Fingal

I didn't really expect my computer to "run like new." I just wanted it to run fairly well. After all, it was over 6 years old and had been manhandled by way too many beings -- including toddlers and a stubborn geriatric cat. So when I got it back -- on time and for a reasonable price -- and it did run like new, I was astonished. The only problem now is I don't think I can ever justify getting a new computer knowing that Computer Guru can keep this one running forever.

Calvin K

We have had computer guru work on our computers at various times and they are excellent proffessionlists , on time and get the job done in a timely manner.


I took my old MacBook OS 10 computer to Computer Guru last year when it stopped working. Their office is in a convenient location and their staff is warm and welcoming. They not only replaced the battery and got it up and running, but found a used face plate to replace my original. My computer got a whole new life! I have recommended them to friends and neighbors. Thanks, Computer Gurus!

Michael Bryant

Well, I like the monthly newsletter from you folks, especially when there's a recipe. I've been in twice now to have my Toshiba laptop fixed or tuned up and I've been very satisfied with the results.

Cindy Allen

The Computer Gurus are the best. Whenever there is a problem with my computer that I cannot solve-it's wonderful to know that it will be easily fixed by one of the group

Doug Woods

I have used Computer Guru twice since I moved to Eugene in June 2013 from Gresham. The first was to help set-up my laptop (and a new printer) in Eugene, which also included putting on DVD sections of a personal memoir I am writing. The second time I used Computer Guru was last September when a virus infected my laptop. The tech(s) at Computer Guru wiped my laptop of the virus and re-installed all the software and programs I use. They also installed, at no additional charge, several enhancements that make using my laptop more efficient.

Micah Johnson

I brought my laptop in to see if it could be fixed this last summer. Computer Guru was very professional but my laptop was beyond repair. I ended up buying the same laptop off ebay and sticking my hard drive in that, so it was like a new computer. They offered to put my deposit towards a backup of my data or a new computer, which I found to be very thoughtful. I would suggest Computer Guru to others that want an honest professional opinion or job done.

Karen Rainsong, Web Designer

The guys over at Computer Guru have helped me many times with my own laptop and my work computer. It is so great knowing I have backup in case something goes wrong. They help me right away and explain everything really clearly, so I end up with more knowledge than before. And they never over charge me. They have my business for the long haul. So glad they are on my team

Chris Roth

"It wasn't cheap (luckily, it was covered under warranty), but it was work well done. Thanks."

Tod Schneider

Computer Guru has always been a great place to stop by for guidance and fixes. The customer service is outstanding. Thanks!

Val Frasier

After a bad experience at an advertised computer repair store, I brought my laptop to Computer Guru and have been coming back since. The best service ever!

Kathryn Schartz

Daniel is Awesome!! I came in with an urgent need to have my tower back. He was not sure at first if he could get it to me but within Hours I had my computer back- he went the extra mile!

Deb Dickerson

I would recommend these folks all day. They have worked on both my PC and my laptop with excellent results!

Jean Snyder

You guys are great!! ...1 visit and it was fixed. That was 4 months ago and I haven't had any problems since. Thank you so much!!

Dhari Priyamvada Simon

We moved into a place on the outskirts of town and had a really poor internet connection. We also had some technical troubles with our computer and printer setup. Anthony came out and helped us get set up and also went through a LOT of trouble to install Ethernet for us. He was very professional and knowledgeable and got the difficult job done. We are happy to recommend the "guru" to others!

Stephen Dibos

Thanks so much for taking on this repair of our Mac Pro. We appreciate also the information about the cost, and how long it would take. Good job all around.


Friendly and responsive. Thank you so much for all of your help!


I was very upset, until I came here!


Friendly, very knowledgeable staff, solved my problem without breaking the bank.

Rodney H.

You guys are GREAT - more business to follow! Very good.

Abdu Salaam & Amber from Hawaii

We have found the computer oasis to quench our computer problems. We have felt deserted for so long. Computer Guru is fast and friendly with its service and charm. Thank you Computer Guru!

J. B.

"If you use your computer a lot and tend to be computer illiterate as I do, it is important to have a good repair man. The four things that makes a good repair man is availability, dependability, knowledgeable and affordability. I have always been able to call Tony and have him at my house in no more than one day. I have been able to depend on his advise if I wanted to purchase additional equipment. I have never had a problem that he couldn't correct.


"The service is exellent. Computer guru is very efficient, and fixes problems in a minimal amount of time."


"Tony is fast, listens with patience to our problems, analyzes and resoves them swiftly."

John and Kathy

"Tony's softspoken manner and calm working style helps create a working condition where a frustrated user can pick up quickly the solutions we all seek. He has my recommendation for any of your computer related problems in the areas of email, printers, cameras and any other host of items that confound and confuse us at times."