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Fast On-site Technical Service & Computer Repair

Fast On-site Technical Service & Computer Repair

Fast On-site Technical Service & Computer RepairFast On-site Technical Service & Computer Repair

Welcome to our new website! 

About Us

Technical Experience


We are well-versed in a variety of hardware, networks, and databases. From enterprise servers to laptops, tablets, phones, and point of sale systems. On the software level we work on everything from Microsoft, Apple, and Linux based operating systems. 

We can work with just about any technology that small businesses and residential clients encounter and will recommend the best solution for your needs. From Small Home PC's and laptops to larger businesses we can help our clients with any project large or small.  Providing prompt On-Site Service to central Oregon area and beyond.

Our Philosophy


Here at Computer Guru, we strive to take a different approach toward toward technology and bring a sense of inner peace and a feeling of zen to your computer experience. While the idea of that may seem like an oxymoron, it really doesn't have to be that way.

We know the fast paced world of technology can seem scary and overwhelming, even so downright frustrating at times you might even have had the impulse to use your laptop or tablet as a Frisbee! 

That's OK! We totally understand. Take a deep breath. Pick up that phone, and call us before you get to that point! We're here to help you

Money Back Guarantee!


Building trust and long term relationships with our clients is our number one priority.

We are so confident that you will be happy with our computer repair services that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. That means that if your not happy with our computer technicians in any way, we'll re-do the service for free. If your still not happy, we'll give you your money back. No hard feelings, no questions asked.

  That's why our goal is to provide an experience that stands far above the rest. No matter the budget, or the size of the job for home and business clients alike we pride ourselves on providing the best service, so don't hesitate to call us today!

and for a little nostalgia - the history behind the Guru

What happened to the old Computer Store?

Storefront and Custom Built Front Counter

     In 2011, we opened a storefront downtown (shown above), as many of you may remember. Since then, we closed our brick and mortar storefront on Willamette St. The old computer break/fix business model no longer makes sense with the way in which technology has mobilized to the cloud and technology prices on the internet.  It is a challenge for small businesses only selling hardware to  locally survive. We considered selling online merchandise and hardware, but that lacks the human interaction we so much enjoy with our local community. 

     We now work in the field from our vehicles, or sometimes remotely via internet.  We have fully transitioned to provide 24/7 on-site service- by appointment only. We have a new office space, but it is not open to the general public.  Meetings can be scheduled in the conference rooms, if so desired at our location downtown Eugene on 5th and Pearl Street.  We do, however, prefer on-site work.

     As much as we miss the good ol' shop, it is rather liberating to feel free from being tied down to one location. This allows us to provide a much more one-on-one experience when we fix your technology, providing us with the

opportunity to also trouble-shoot other devices you  may need support with.  Services we provide include those such as how to secure your wireless network more effectively, share files and printers, Setup cloud services. The possibilities are endless!

    The one thing in business and life in general, one can always count on is change. Being in the technology industry, change is rapidly accelerated at perhaps a more rapid pace than most other businesses. The need to have constant and never ending improvement is essential. Also known as CANI or Kaizen カイゼン in Japanese. Kaizen philosophy applied to business was instrumental in Japan in rebuilding after world war one, and we have adopted these core values as a company.  This essentially entails that in all levels of an organization team members are actively encouraged and continually engaged in the process of improvement and growth.

How Computer Guru came to be...

Tony Burroff Founder, & CEO

     I founded Computer Guru in 2008.  As the sole owner, I was mostly already doing on-site computer work throughout lane county. Freelancing for other companies at the time seemed great, but as a sole proprietor, it  didn't feel right. I wanted more! I decided it was time to create my own brand, and henceforth the computer guru was born. I had already started my first "official" computer business as a teenager in Olympia, Washington and loved it, so I knew some of the ropes (or so I thought).

      Here I was, only 22 having the entrepreneurial seizure once again.  If any of you have started your own business you know what that feels like! My naive younger self had no idea the successes, rewards, trials, and tribulations that would come next. Fast forward a few years, business was going well. I started hiring like-minded guru's to embody the philosophy and brand of the business. I opened up the storefront, keeping feng shui in mind while designing it. I started to build our brand and reputation as a friendly place to get your computer fixed, and find your inner your tech zen! 

     By the time 2015 rolled around my amazing daughter was born. So of course all my priorities shifted to her. As my business ventures got pushed to the sidelines, providing good leadership at the shop became more and more difficult, as I was faced with a hard decision, what next? After much deliberation, and an albeit hasty failed attempt at downsizing the business, I decided it was time to close the computer shop. So in 2018, I took a well needed meditation break from technology and the stresses life as a business owner can bring. Spending more time with my daughter and eventually rethinking my business plan and long term vision. 

Which leads us to now! 2020, a whole new decade for Computer Guru grow and thrive in. I want to thank all my amazing clients we've had over the years, and hope to meet many new faces to come! I hope you take the time to explore our new website and see what new services we have to offer. All suggestions are welcome too!


Tony Burroff

Computer Guru