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Fast On-site Technical Service & Computer Repair

Fast On-site Technical Service & Computer Repair

Fast On-site Technical Service & Computer RepairFast On-site Technical Service & Computer Repair

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my Computer to you?


We have closed our retail store in Eugene, as it was no longer serving us. We now operate in the cloud and are primarily an on-site service only. That means we come to you! This allows us to provide a much more thorough experience as we can educate you on the new technologies that are constantly evolving, and tailor the service to better suit your needs.

If you still would prefer to bring in your computer we do have an office space conveniently located downtown at Eugene Mindworks across from the 5th St Market.

 You can meet us there by appointment only. Sometimes this is the preferred option some of our services such as data recovery and virus removals. We ask for a $47.00 deposit over the phone when you make the appointment. 

This deposit will be applied to your total repair. However, if you miss the appointment without calling or rescheduling 24 hours ahead of time it is non-refundable.  We pay by the hour for the use of the conference rooms. 

How long will it take to fix my Computer?


That of course, depends on the issue. However, for most average residential jobs working on a single PC doing virus removals, tune-ups, windows updates, data backup, and simple data recovery generally only take about an hour or two and frequently we can schedule appointments the same or next day if desired. 

Wireless & Wired networking setups may take a little more time depending on the size of your network. When there are multiple computers and mobile devices to work on, setup file and printer sharing, or synchronize over the cloud then its really hard to say without a consultation.  Frequently we can work on multiple machines at the same time. While one is installing or updating software, we can start working on the next and so on.

Hardware issues in laptops and advanced data recovery may require bringing the computer back to our office to work on. 

For our Commercial clients, Please call us for an estimate!

How much do you charge?


Our hourly rates for On-Site IT Services in the Eugene & Springfield area are as follows:

Business On-Site Rate is $147.00

Priority On-Site Rate is $127.00

Standard On-Site Rate is $117.00

Emergency On-Site Rate is $197.00

Out of area charge - $27.00 per hour for additional driving time if you live outside a 25 mile radius of downtown Eugene / Springfield. For a small extra fee, we are happy to travel anywhere from Corvallis, to Salem, Florence, Newport, Junction City, Oakridge, Cottage Grove & Roseburg. We will even service the Portland area occasionally as well, but that's for business clients only at the moment. 

Discount rates are available for Students, Seniors & Veterans at: $97.00

There is a 1 hour Minimum on all Appointments. We bill by the quarter hour thereafter.

We have a $47.00 Diagnostic Fee to schedule an appointment to come into our office.

What Happened to your Flat Rate Virus Removal Service?


We still have a few flat-rate services, but the turn-around time will be slower, You can make an appointment to bring it into our downtown office. We have to ask for a $47.00 deposit over the phone when you make the appointment. Please Call us 24 hours ahead of time if you have to reschedule your appointment. 

If you miss the appointment without calling or rescheduling we will have to charge your card as we pay by the hour for the use of the conference rooms. 

Flat-Rate Data Transfer to New Device: $97.00

Basic Flat-Rate Data Recovery: $197.00

Doesn't Include Advanced Data Recovery, if the drive is clicking or not detected in the BIOS these types of recovery can be much more costly.

Flat-Rate Virus Removal: $157.00

This also comes with a free Tune-Up!

Do you sell Computers, Laptops, & Parts?


We stock most frequently used computer parts and memory upgrades in our vehicles so we can install them if a replacement is necessary or an upgrade is desired when we go on-site.  We have also have partnered with other local computer stores and online vendors so if we need additional hardware we will pick it up for you! However we no longer sell parts for accept walk in clients.  We still do custom  high end computer builds for gaming systems or graphic design, server builds and bulk workstation orders for business clients.

Ordering special proprietary parts can take up to a week or more to arrive, particularly for older laptops and tablets. With the prices of technology now we frequently recommend just purchasing a new device. We cannot compete with prices on Amazon, and its generally cheaper to buy new than to fix outdated tech. Call us for details on the best hardware to buy, and we can recommend what to get, transfer all of your data and get you back up and running! Stay tuned on our website blog for the best new laptops to buy!

I own a small business. What services do you offer?


For our business clients we have monthly packages available and can provide 24/7 technical assistance for your business! If your a small business owner you know how much it can cost you if your computers go down, even for an hour. Call us for a FREE on-site consultation worth $197.00. We can give you an estimate on the right package for your business and save you money!

Check back soon on our services page or simply give us a call. Our website is still under construction!