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Computer Guru

The Guru Guarantee:

Your Computer Will Run Like NEW, Guaranteed. Or the Service is FREE!

Computer Guru Swears Under Oath...

      As the owner, I want our clients to be super-pleased with our services. We are so confident in providing the best service ever that we offer a 100% money back guarantee! What that means is if your not happy with our service for any reason, please let me know immediately, and we will re-do the service absolutely FREE. If your still not satisfied, then we will refund your money. No hard feelings, no questions asked.


Anthony Burroff

Founder / CEO

Six Reasons You Will LOVE Computer Guru

1) You get the best service ever: We will bend over backward to make you happy!

2) You get our 100% money back guarantee:  You can be completely confident that you will be satisfied or you don't pay a dime!

3) You will be dealing with me and my experienced, talented staff:  That means you get the highest quality work performed on your computer.

4) We have a unique  diagnostic and backup process:  This ensures that all your data is safe and any potential problems will be solved.

5) You get Fast On-Site Service: We're available to come to your home or business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

6) Friendly, Down-To-Earth Technicians: We aren't computer geeks, we're Gurus! Communicating well with our clients is more important to us than all that computer lingo some nerds like to use. We will make you feel comfortable and explain everything in terms that you can understand.

"Don't Geek Out! Get a Guru!"


What do you have to loose? Call us today!

My business is designed for those who want the best service ever! We strive to be the best computer service in Eugene, and we stand behind our money back guarantee 100%! However, If all you want is cheap low-quality service please go somewhere else.

There is a saying in the service industry that goes kind of like this:


(Pick two)

Well, I don't necessarily think it has to be that cut and dry. While we might not be the cheapest service in town; We do our absolute best to be Fast and Good! Better than good, we strive for Excellence. You'll actually find at the end of the day we're probably the cheapest too because we're so thorough with our work we will prevent problems before they happen saving you time and money

So what do you have to loose? Pick up that phone and call us today for an appointment!