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Our latest adaptation to the changing times...

Nationwide remote support

As a small business based in Eugene, Oregon we have always preferred to do local one-on-one technical support instead of fixing computers remotely. Generally face to face contact is preferred because it allows us to easily provide the fantastic service that we strive for. However, times change and we are adapting.

The Coronavirus has created a demand for remote assistance

You don't have to leave your house for tech support anymore

As a business we want to serve our clients in the best way possible. Right now with COVID-19 on the loose we have a whole new kind of virus to make sure our clients are safe from. That means limiting physical contact via social distancing. We have always been anti-virus experts of the digital kind, but organic viruses require slightly different measures to quarantine. When it comes right down to it from a technical standpoint organic ones aren't any harder to control if you follow proper procedures! Just the methodology is entirely different. 

Great, but... I've never met you, so How do I know I can trust you?

Indeed, trust is built over time. Part of the reason we haven't launched this service sooner is its much harder to build trust without meeting someone first in person. We can't even count the times that we personally have helped our local clients remove viruses and malware from their computers by scam callers that gave them a scary pitch claiming they were from Microsoft or some other corporation and that they needed to fix their computer immediately. To top it off they charged them 300 dollars and left them with a huge mess on their hands. Don't fall into that trap.

Don't just take my word for it. Do your research

Check a company's reviews before you even consider letting them access your computer much less giving them your credit card. Google, and Yelp are great sources. As you can see if you click on our review tab from our website at the top - All of our reviews are transferred comes directly from Google. There is no way we can fake those.  The three buttons at the bottom of our page link directly to our Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp pages. Also beware of doing business with a company that doesn't offer a guarantee, and have a long-standing reputation in the computer industry. Especially one that calls you out of the blue and solicits their service.

Things to remember when choosing a company for Remote Assist

Secure Encrypted Stand-alone remote login software

Secure Encrypted Stand-alone remote login software

Secure Encrypted Stand-alone remote login software


We want you to feel safe and secure while your having your computer fixed by us...

We use secure stand-alone software for remote support provided by Zoho Assist. Stand-alone application means the software does not permanently install on your computer, its gone when we are done. If you like we can even talk with you over the phone while your fixing your computer and educate you on what we are doing.

 In order for us to access it again we would have to actively create a new support session and you have to run the file and click accept.

100% Money-Back Iron Clad Guarantee

Secure Encrypted Stand-alone remote login software

Secure Encrypted Stand-alone remote login software


We stand by our 100% money back guarantee. What that means if your not happy for any reason we will re-do your service for free. If your still not happy, we will give you your money back. No hard feelings, no questions asked.

Please click on the Iron-Clad Guarantee page for more information on our promise to provide the best service ever!

Still skeptical? Call us today and talk to a Live Person!


secure payment & Invoicing software system

Secure Encrypted Stand-alone remote login software

secure payment & Invoicing software system


We use a combination of Zoho Invoice and PayPal for processing our payments. Zoho has created one of the most secure cloud based business application platforms around and  PayPal is one of the largest online credit card processors in the world. We do not even see any of your credit card information, much less store it.

We also bill for remote support in small increments, and mostly on a flat-rate basis. So you can see immediate results! See below for pricing packages. If more work is necessary we can bill accordingly. Beware of other companies that charge large fees before you see the results.

Advantages of Remote Assistance

Limitations on remote assistance

secure payment & Invoicing software system


The biggest advantage; especially in the current times we live in, you don't have to leave the house to bring your computer to a shop, we don't have to ever touch your computer, or go to your home or office.

It allows us to offer cheaper rates for all basic services, because we can work out of our office or home saving us time while performing, virus removals, tune-ups, and software configurations. If data is transferring or deep virus scans are running that might take some time to run, we can work on something else in the meantime so it won't cost you any extra hourly fee that would normally be incurred on on-site services. We can also talk on the phone if and educate you on how to use new software and you can watch what we are doing as we work for an extra small hourly fee. 

100% Transparency

Limitations on remote assistance

Limitations on remote assistance


We want to be completely transparent with you, this is a brand-new service for us.  While we have done plenty of remote support for our local clients for well over a decade, its generally only been after we've already met folks in-person and built a long-term relationship with our clients. We have had the ability to test it with our local clients already. Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions or address any concerns that you may have via phone or email!

We would sincerely appreciate any feedback of your experiences and how we might be able to improve or streamline them for the future moving forward! If you have read thus far we really appreciate it and hope to gain your trust and earn long term repeat business from you!

Limitations on remote assistance

Limitations on remote assistance

Limitations on remote assistance


There are unfortunately, some limitations on services that we can provide with remote support that we normally provide for our local clients. 

The biggest limiting factor is hardware repairs, upgrades, and advanced data recovery projects. We may be able to help walk you through some minor upgrades over the phone, like adding some RAM or upgrading your video card for example. But other than that, if we discover a hardware issue over the phone we may be forced to stop the session, and recommend you take it to a local computer shop. If you have purchased one of our packages aside from a diagnostic we will refund your money. Generally our flat-rate simple diagnostic fee is non-refundable, unless for some reason you weren't happy with our diagnosis. We stand by our money back guarantee. 

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